Tobacco Use and Possession

Maine School Administrative District #31


In order to promote the health, welfare and safety of students, staff and visitors and to promote the cleanliness of MSAD 31 facilities, the Board prohibits smoking and all other use of tobacco products including electronic cigarettes or other artificial smoking devices in all school buildings and other school unit facilities, in school owned or leased vehicles, on school ground and at school-sponsored functions at all times by all persons.

In addition, students are prohibited from possessing, selling, distributing or dispensing tobacco products in school buildings, facilities on school grounds and buses during school-sponsored events and at all other times.

Employees and all other persons are also strictly prohibited, under law and Board policy, from selling, distributing or in any way of dispensing tobacco products to students.

Advertising of tobacco products is prohibited in school buildings, on school property including school buses, at school sponsored activities and in school sponsored publications. Students and employees are prohibited from wearing clothing advertising or promoting the use of tobacco or tobacco products.

Policy Communication

This policy will be printed in both employee and student handbooks and posted in highly visible places both inside and outside the schools of the district. Signs will be posted at all entrances of school buildings, school playgrounds and athletic fields. Parents and guardians shall be sent notification in writing, and the local media will be asked to communicate the tobacco-free policy community wide.

MSAD 31 Substance Abuse Intervention team will review the Tobacco Use Policy annually and provide recommendations as needed.

Legal References: 22 MRSA §§ 1578(B), 1580(A) (3)

Me. PL 470 (An Act to Reduce Tobacco Use by Minors)

20 USC 6081-6084 (Pro-Children Act of 1994)

Adopted: 02/10/1999

Reviewed: 03/21/2007

First Reading: 04/15/2015

Second Reading: 05/20/2015