Board Relations with the Media

Code: BEDI

Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The Board believes that it has a responsibility to keep the public informed about the operations,
programs, progress, and problems of the public schools. Consequently, Board meetings are open
to the news media and public. In the event that representatives of the news media are unable to
attend a meeting, upon request, the Superintendent shall provide a summary of important Board

Public documents, as defined by state statute, will be made available as provided by statute and
the school unit’s procedures. Requests should be made to the Office of the Superintendent.

When individual Board members receive requests from news media representatives for
information or comment as a board member, they shall refer such inquiries to the Board Chair
who shall be public spokesperson for the Board.

Legal Reference:
1 MRSA § 402
Any significant changes to State & Federal Law

Cross Reference:
KI - Visitors to the Schools

First Reading:
Second Reading: 06/18/2008