Board Standing Committees Operating Procedures


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Each standing committee shall meet at the call of its Chair at a time and place to be
designated in the call of the meeting. Standing committee meetings shall be held on a
schedule as deemed by either the Board Chair or committee. These meetings shall be
reported to the Board.

The Chair of a standing committee, in collaboration with the Superintendent/ designee,
will establish the agenda for each meeting to promote the orderly flow of information and
the effective operations of the Board and its standing committees.

Notice to the public of the date, time, and place of a standing committee meeting and the
agenda for the meeting shall be provided at least three days in advance and in a manner
consistent with the Board’s policy and practice concerning notification of Board
meetings. Recorded minutes shall be kept of all meetings by the elected committee

The Superintendent may designate administrators or staff to serve in an advisory capacity
only and/or to provide information and/or resources.

Any member of the Board, staff, or public may attend a standing committee meeting, but
may speak only at the discretion of the Chair.

The presence of a majority of the members of a standing committee shall constitute a
quorum for voting purposes. Only the members of the standing committee may vote on
agenda items. If the committee has not enough members for a quorum, no business may
be discussed or introduced.

In the event that the Chair and Vice Chair of a standing committee is unavailable for a
scheduled committee meeting, the members of the committee will close the meeting.

For any matter on its agenda, a standing committee may by majority vote of members
present, or by consensus, agree to make recommendations to the full Board.
Recommendations may be in the form of a proposed motion, and/or a vocal report. A
standing committee may also forward a matter under discussion to the full Board with no

Standing committee reports will be included as an agenda item for all regular Board
meetings. Recorded minutes as kept by the committee Secretary will be printed and
provided. Standing committee minutes are public information, subject to the Freedom of
Access Law.

Any item referred to a standing committee by the Board shall be reported on at the next,
regular Board meeting. The standing committee’s report should indicate work completed
or progress made to date. The report may include the recommendation for continued
standing committee study.
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Legal Reference: 1 M.R.S.A. § 401 et seq.

First Reading: 08/06/2004