Accident Prevention and Procedures


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The Board of Directors of M.S.A.D. #31 in recognizing its responsibility for the proper care of any student injured while under the direct supervision of the school, has established the following procedure for the proper handling of all injuries.  In accordance with this policy, Administrators shall make the following known and understood by all personnel.

            I.    Minor Injuries (Bumps, Bruises, Scraps, etc.)
                    A.  Administer elementary first aid.

            II.    Intermediate Injuries (Sprains, Lacerations, etc.)

                    A.  Injured joints should be immobilized until it can be determined that the injury does not involve a dislocation or break.
                    B.  Lacerations will be given immediate attention to stop the bleeding, and proper evaluation to determine if sutures are
                    C.  The injured party will be made comfortable, and the parent(s) contacted as soon as possible to pick up the student.
                         If the parents are unavailable, a responsible adult relative may be contacted.
                    D.  Injuries that are questionable shall be handled with extreme care, and treated as a serious injury rather than 
                      underestimating the nature of the injury.

            III.    Serious Injuries (Breaks, Dislocations, Head or Internal Injuries, etc.)

                    A.  If immediate medical attention is needed, do not move the injured party.  Call for an ambulance immediately, and have
                         a responsible person attempt to locate the parent(s) to notify them that their child has been injured and is being taken
                         for medical treatment.  The appropriate Administrator shall be notified as soon as possible of all serious injuries.
                    B.  Whenever possible, a responsible school official should accompany the injured student until the parent(s)/guardian have
                        arrived.  The school official shall assume whatever responsibility necessary to assure that a seriously injured student 
                     receives necessary treatment until the parent can assume the responsibility.

Administrators shall establish proper guidelines and references for personnel under their supervision enabling them to carry out this policy.

When it is necessary to refer an injured student to a doctor, the first choice shall be to contact the family physician.

All students shall have in their file a signed authorization from the parent(s)/guardian to allow emergency medical treatment of that student.  Also, the authorization will include the name and designation of a responsible adult relative in the event that the parent(s)/guardian are unavailable.

All staff shall be as familiar as possible with the health records of the students under their care, with special attention to students with known unique health problems:  i.e. diabetes, allergies, hemophilia, etc.

First Reading:    10/18/1987
Adoption:          11/18/1987
Amended:          06/03/1998
Updated:           03/19/2008