Student Transportation Employee Requirements, Training & Responsibilities


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


    I.    School Bus Drivers

        The school bus driver is responsible for safeguarding the lives of children in the performance of his/her duty.  The work requires                 physical strength, mental poise, ability to cope effectively with emergencies, excellent driving skills, and an ability to relate
         positively with students.

        All school bus drivers must hold a valid school bus operator license endorsement issued by the Maine Secretary of State.  All drivers
        are required to participate in any appropriate in-service training provided by the school unit.

            A.    Annual Medical Examination

                    All drivers operating a vehicle designed to carry 10 or more passengers must undergo an annual physical examination as                                required by the Uniform School Bus Standards and submit the completed School Bus Driver Physical Examination Form to the
                    Superintendent/designee.  Physical examinations shall be conducted by a physician selected by the Superintendent and
                    paid for by the District.

            B.    Drug and Alcohol Testing

                    School bus drivers will participate in drug and alcohol testing as required by applicable federal and state laws.

             C.   Annual Motor Vehicle Records Check

                    Each school bus driver operating a vehicle carrying 10 or more passengers shall undergo an annual state motor vehicle records

    II.    Other Employees with Student Driving Responsibilities
            The Superintendent/designee is directed to obtain annual motor vehicle records checks for any school employee who transports                students as part of their regular duties.

Cross reference:     EEAEAA Drug and Alcohol testing of bus drivers
                               EEAEAA-R drug and alcohol testing of bus drivers- Administrative procedure

Legal Reference:    49 CRF Parts 40 and 382
                              26 MRSA §§ 681(8)(B); 685(2); 689 Uniform School Bus Standards, 081.6
P.L. 101-226                            
                              And any other significant changes to State & Federal Law

First Reading:         06/03/1998
Adoption:              06/17/1998
Updated:               03/19/2008