Student Transportation Services


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The Board will provide transportation for all students living beyond a reasonable distance from their school or from a scheduled bus stop as the Board has determined.  This distance is defined as 1/2 mile from the high school.

In addition, transportation shall be provided for all special education students, students attending the regional vocational school, and others as prescribed by law or deemed advisable by the Board.

The following guidelines shall be observed:

Walking Policies

        1. Students 9-12 may be required to walk up to one-half mile to their middle and senior high schools.

Distances are measured from the nearest school entrance along a reasonable route to home.

Riding Policies

        1.    Children may be required to walk a reasonable distance to a scheduled bus stop.  Students living on outlying roads, where bus                     routes are not established, and where the walking distance to the main road is less than one mile, will walk to the designated
                bus stop on the main road and be transported from there to their respective schools.  If the distance is over one mile on an
                approved, maintained road with an adequate turnaround, transportation will be provided.

        2.   Stops will be chosen, with concern for numbers and safety of the children involved, in individual meetings with the drivers.  Any                changes in bus stops will be publicized well in advance.

        3.    Bus drivers shall pick up only at scheduled stops.  Drivers are required not to exceed the legal bus capacity.

        4.    Students shall ride only on assigned buses.  At the close of school, they shall be transported only to the original pick up point,
               and they shall not be permitted to disembark at other points or to ride other buses without written parental request.

The school administration, with the approval of the Board, may make exceptions where this is in the best interests of the student and the District.  Requests for exceptions to the Board's transportation policy may be made through the Superintendent of Schools.

Requests for bus stops inconsistent with this policy must be made in writing and submitted to the Superintendent.

Legal Reference 20- A  MRSA  5401 Any significant State and Federal law change

Cross reference    JICC   Student conduct on School Buses.

First Reading:        11/14/1990
Adoption:              12/12/1990
Reviewed:             11/19/1997
First Reading:         03/19/2008
Second Reading:    05/21/2008