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Profssional Staff Assignments and Transfers

Maine School Administrative District #31


The basic consideration in the assignment of professional personnel will be the needs of students and the instructional program. However, faculty satisfaction with assignments may be expected to have a significant impact on the morale of the professional staff and the effectiveness of the total educational program.

Therefore, it will be the policy of the Board that personnel be assigned on the basis of their qualifications, the needs of the school unit, and their expressed desires. When it is not possible to meet all of these conditions, an employee will be assigned first in accordance with school system needs—where the administration feels the employee is most qualified to serve, and second, regarding the preference of the employee.

Care will be exercised by the Superintendent and other unit administrators to ensure that the school is well staffed with effective teachers.

Within the school, a Principal will have the right to assign classes and courses, provided this is done with full regard to the teacher’s area of certification and Board policies. He/she will also recommend to the Superintendent assignments to any extra-pay positions in his/her school.

A transfer, reassignment, or special assignment may be requested by any employee, which will be given due consideration in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

First Reading: 09/19/2018

Second Reading: 10/17/2018