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Criteria for Suspending a Student Extra-Curricular Activity


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


A budgeted student activity will be suspended for the current school year unless all of the following conditions exist two weeks prior to the start of the regular season.  Extenuating circumstances may alter the time limits.

        1. The number of participants is adequate to insure meaningful involvement in the appropriate league or other scheduled activity.

        2. Qualified personnel are contracted to coach or supervise the activity.

        3. Facilities are available for practices and scheduled events.

The following guidelines shall be used to help determine "meaningful involvement" in regards to membership on athletic teams:

                    Basketball              12                         Wrestling                12
                    Soccer                   18                         Cheerleading            8
                    Cross-Country        10                         Golf                         6
                    Softball                 18                         Tennis                      8
                    Baseball                18

It is the responsibility of the administrative team to make the decision to suspend an extra-curricular activity.  The recommendation to suspend an activity shall be made by the Athletic Director, or in the case of a non-athletic activity, by the building principal.  The School Board shall be notified of the decision at the next regular meeting.   

First Reading:         11/18/1989  
Adoption:               11/18/1989
Updated:                05/21/2008