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Special Education Progress Report Form


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Date:                                                      High School:                                                                                                                   
Student’s                                                        Town Responsible
Name:                                                               for Student:                                                                                                          

Address:                                                          Send to Attention of:                                                                      


Fill Out Relevant Portion

A.    January Progress                                             June Progress                                                  

                    No concerns at this point

                   The following concerns (academic/special) exist:


    Please attach a copy of this semester’s rank card.

B.    Concerns with the student:

                       Transferred to another high school.                   Date:                                                                    
                      Moved to another town.                                     Date:                                                                  

Has been absent for more than 10 school days.  Dates of absence:                               
                      Has been removed for disciplinary reasons.        Date:                                                               
                     Referred to an alternative program.

                      Referred to Student Assistance Team.

                      Has been referred by staff or parent/guardian for consideration as a
            possible special needs student.

Summary of action to be taken in response to concerns:


Reviewed: 08/20/2003