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Public School Toileting Policy       

2nd reading 11/17/10  
JE Attendance Policy    

reviewed 02/12/03
JEA  Compulsory Attendance      Adpoted 11/20/2019

JEA-R  Compulsory Attendance Regulations  2nd reading 12/17/2008 

JECBB  Admission of Homeless Students  reviewed 11/18/09 





Assignment of Students to Classes – Five Year-Olds 

Education of Homeless Students

Education of Homeless Students

Dropout Prevention Student WIthdrawal from School
adopted 07/20/94

2nd reading 07/17/2019

2nd reading 07/17/2019

2nd reading 07/17/2019
JFCJ   Weapons in the School   amended/adopted 04/25/01 

JFCK   Student Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices    2nd reading 04/14/10

JHA    Child Abuse Reporting adopted 06/21/89 

JHB   Truancy  Adpoted 11/20/2019

JICFA  Student Hazing  adopted 01/19/00 

JICG  Tobacco Use and Possession   adopted 04/12/06
JICH  Student Substance Abuse Policy  2nd reading  05/20/2015 

JICIA  Weapons, Violence, and School Safety       2nd reading 02/16/11 

JICK  Bullying  Adpoted 11/20/2019 


Bullying Report Form2nd reading 04/12/17 

JICK - E2Bullying Investigation Form2nd reading 01/16/19
JICK - E3       Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions Taken2nd reading 04/12/17

JICK-E4Bullying reporting, investigating and intervention
2nd reading 04/12/17


Bullying - Administrative Procedure

Student Use of Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

2nd reading 04/12/17

2nd reading 04/15/15
JIH  Questioning and Searches of Students   adopted 06/21/06 

JIH-E    Student Search Checklist adopted 06/21/06
JIH-R  Questioning and Searches of Students Administrative Procedure  adopted 06/21/06 

JJIBB  Sportsmanship updated 10-17-07 

 JJIFManagement of Concussions and Other Head Injuries
2nd reading 09/18/13


Concussion Information Sheet

Athletic and Co-Curricular Eligibility
2nd reading 11/20/12

2nd reading 10/18/2017
Student Discipline 
updated 1/19/11
Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion 2nd reading 05/17/17

Procedures on Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion2nd reading 06/19/13

JKB   Detention of Students  adopted 03/15/00 

JKD  Suspension of Students   adopted 03/15/00 

JKE  Expulsion of Students   updated 1/19/11
JKE-R   Expulsion of Students – Guidelines  updated 1/19/11 



Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities  

Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities Admin Procedure
updated 04/16/08

2nd reading 05/17/17
JKG    Physical Restraint adopted 02/11/04 

JKGA   Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraint 2nd reading 02/16/11 

JKGA-R  Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraint Administrative Procedure  2nd reading 02/16/11
JL  Student Wellness   2nd reading 05/02/19

JLCB   Immunization of Students 2nd reading 10/17/18

JLCC  Communicable/Infectious Diseases  adopted 10/17/2018 

JLCCA  Students with HIV/Aids  adopted 06/20/01 

JLCCA-R  Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan  adopted 06/20/01 

JLCD   Administration of Medication to Students    adopted 01/25/06 

JLCD-E Medication Administration on School Field Trips    adopted 01/25/06 

JLDBG   Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities  2nd reading  01/16/19 


Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect  

2nd reading: 10/18/17 

2nd reading 05/02/19

DHHS In-Take Referral  

Child Abuse and Neglect Mandated Reporter 
2nd reading 11/15/06 

2nd reading 05/02/19
JLF-E2  Department of Health and Human Service Visit   2nd reading 11/15/06 

JLIB   Student Dismissal Precautions  adopted 03/15/00 

JP  Student Aspirations    adopted 01/16/91 

JRA  Student Educational Records    adopted 01/21/04 

JRA-E1   Notification of Rights under FERPA  adopted 01/21/04 

JRA-E2  Consent/Denial of Consent to Release Student Information (ESS, HMS)  adopted 01/21/04 

JRA-E3  Denial of Consent to Release Student Information (PVHS)   

JRA-R  Student Education Records Administration Procedures  adopted 04/25/01 

JLCD-AMedical Marijuana
adopted 03/16/2016