A reminder to parents that if your child is going to 
do online learning, please call the school and 
let them know.

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       The mission of Penobscot Valley High School is to prepare and challenge students academically and socially through a comprehensive program to meet their post-secondary aspirations and civic responsibilities.                                                                                              
Penobscot Valley High School
   23 Cross Street        
  Howland, ME 04448
(207) 732-3111
        FAX: (207) 732-8328         

Shane Yardley                                         Secretary: Vesta Ireland    
                                                       Guidance:  Terry Mitchell                                         Secretary: Renee Batchelder   
                                                       Athletic Director:  Gerald Hutchinson                Secretary:  Carol Moon                        

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A reminder that January 4 th - 8th is remote for all students. We will be going by Wednesday's schedule all that week.


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