Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The MSAD 31 School Board recognizes that thorough, regular and fair supervision and evaluation of support staff is critical to the realization of the school unit's goals. The primary purposes of supervision and evaluation are the growth of individual staff members, the strengthening of the school staff as a whole, and improvement of support services. All support staff are expected to participate fully in the evaluation process, self-evaluation and continuous improvement of their skills.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for development, implementation and periodic review of the supervision and evaluation system consistent with the following guidelines:

A. Each support staff member shall receive appropriate supervision.

B. Probationary employees who are not part of a collective bargaining agreement shall be evaluated at the conclusion of their probationary period (90 days), and the results shall be used to make a reasonable assurance of continued employment through the end of the school year.

C. Administrators shall evaluate educational technicians annually. Immediate supervisors shall evaluate all other employees annually.

D. Evaluations shall be made in writing on official forms. The supervisor will meet with the employee to discuss the results of the evaluation. Employees shall have the right to attach a memorandum to the evaluation.

E. All evaluations shall be submitted to the Superintendent by June 30 and the evaluations placed in the employees' personnel files.

First Reading: 08/20/2014

Second Reading: 09/17/2014