Vision Statement: Elementary/Middle/High


Maine School Administrative District No. 31



We view our school as the centerpiece of the community, where children want to be because of its nurturing environment and its learning opportunities. We view our school as a place where parents and others are welcome to be involved in school activities, and become partners in the education of our children. We acknowledge and support goal one from America 2000 that "All Children in America will Start School Ready to Learn".

Providing a safe, nurturing environment where all interaction is positive for children and adults is our primary goal. We will promote self-esteem by providing opportunities for success and positive reinforcement for all of our children. The school will provide teachers with opportunities for building collegial relationships, professional growth, and collaborative problem-solving.

Our school will value risk-taking and the willingness to try various ways of problem-solving by students and teachers. Opportunities to enrich and individualize students' learning will be encouraged through technology, library resources, art, music, and physical education, as well as in classroom activities.

We will make every effort to establish clear expectations for our students in citizenship traits and sound moral values, including respect for property, for all adults, and for each other.



Our vision is to give students an appreciation for learning, to have positive influences on their lives, to teach the basic skills for living in our world, and to instill in them positive attitudes.

Philosophy and Goals

We believe that all students have the capability to learn and we strive to meet the needs of each individual student and to develop their individual gifts and talents to the fullest. We realize that middle school age students are going through many changes and have many unique needs. We feel that the students deserve to have dedicated and enthusiastic teachers and administrators. We also believe that we must work together with parents and community members and have their support if we are to provide the very best education for our students.


1. To provide our students with a variety of learning experiences to achieve the basic skills they will need to be successful in

high school.

2. To instill in each student a desire to learn.

3. To provide extracurricular experiences for our students to gain needed social and personal skills.

4. To provide open lines of communication with students, parents, and community.



Penobscot Valley High School serves a unique student body, acting as a receiving school for eight local communities that differ in vocational, social, and economic backgrounds. We recognize our responsibility to create a positive environment where students can obtain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to achieve success in their lives.

We strive to provide a challenging academic program and recognize the importance of providing opportunities for social growth. Academic and social growth will be achieved through a comprehensive student-centered curriculum that enables students to become responsible, contributing members of a global society. This curriculum shall be taught by a conscientious staff, assisted by an effective administrative team, and supported by a community dedicated to providing the highest quality education for its young people.


In alignment with the guiding Principles of the State of Maine Learning Results, a Penobscot Valley High School Student will:

    • Learn to speak and write effectively

    • Learn to listen and read with understanding and for enjoyment

    • Demonstrate a commitment o life-long learning

    • Explore, develop, and express his/her own creativity

    • Utilize a variety of resources to become informed about career opportunities

    • Develop vocational and practical life skills

    • Use technology to obtain, exchange, and organize information

    • Learn to locate, analyze, and evaluate information in order to conduct experiments, solve problems, and make intelligent decisions

    • Apply analysis, reasoned inference, logical argument, mathematical skills, and scientific inquiry to a variety of problems

    • Reach creative, logical, and/or reasoned conclusions

    • Demonstrate ethical behavior and self-discipline

    • Demonstrate personal responsibility for his/her own education

    • Strive to fulfill his/her academic potential and become an effective self-advocate

    • Recognize when, where, and how to seek help

    • Demonstrate respect for self and all members of the school community

    • Demonstrate respect for individual and cultural differences

    • Demonstrate respect for property, including the school building, contents, and grounds

    • Become an involved citizen in school, local, and global community activities

    • Develop leadership and membership skills while working with groups

    • Learn the skills requisite for productive use of technology

    • Demonstrate a broad perception of the work and an appreciation for its cultures

    • Demonstrate an appreciation for the artistic achievements of others


Penobscot Valley High School will:

    • Provide and encourage high academic standards

    • Provide a well-trained professional teaching staff and administration. Provide growth opportunities for administrators, faculty, and support staff through professional development, mutual support, and communication.

    • Offer a broad, challenging curriculum that interests students and prepares them for the future

    • Monitor course offerings and make appropriate changes based on the needs and goals of our students

    • Assist students in making intelligent decisions when selecting their courses of study

    • Develop a process for curriculum assessment and reporting

    • Provide for and encourage students to participate in community service, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities

    • Recognize various learning styles and incorporate a variety of teaching methods to accommodate them

    • Provide contemporary technology and expand its use within the school

    • Provide a library/media center which supports school programs and has a wide variety of current print and non-print information accessed by up-to-date technology

    • Make necessary repairs and improvements to the school in a timely manner

    • Encourage and welcome community partnership in school activities and school improvement

    • Provide a class size appropriate to the subject and/or facilities, which maximizes learning

    • Provide up-to-date textbooks, supplies, and equipment

    • Recognize academic achievement in all disciplines and at all ability levels

    • Provide ways to recognize, celebrate, and publicize achievements of students, faculty, programs, and events

    • Provide an atmosphere of respect for peers, students, and staff

    • Provide opportunities to address self-esteem throughout all curriculum areas

    • Provide opportunities that encourage open communications and promote mutual respect among all members of the school community

    • Cultivate an inviting atmosphere for students, parents, and community members

    • Instill a spirit of cooperation and responsibility that encourages pride in our school

    • Provide information about rules and expectations by distribution and discussing the academic and student handbook

    • Provide for the involvement of students, when appropriate, in the decision-making process

    • Provide fair and consistent discipline for all students

Adopted: 04/15/1998

Reviewed: 08/19/2009