Administrative Guidelines for Student Advisors to School Board

BBBAA Maine School Administrative District No. 31

Maine School Administrative District No. 31


    1. Nomination and Election

Candidates for student advisor will participate in an informal meeting with the Board chair and Principal

and then take out nomination papers. They will need a minimum of 25 signatures on their nomination

paper to be considered. Candidates will then meet with two faculty members, two board members, and

an administrator to discuss their nomination and speak to the group about their desire to be a student

advisor. Student Advisors will be elected by the Student Body from the pool of nominees and elections

will be held during the fall semester. Student Advisors will be elected for a term of two years, allowing

the Board to have two Advisors.

    1. Eligibility -Junior

· Good academic standing

· One student must be a junior during term served

    1. Provisions

      • Student Advisors will be ad hoc Student Council members.

      • Student Advisors are encouraged to participate in discussions during regular board meetings and workshops.

      • Student Advisors are expected to adhere to the code of ethics as well as all other board policies including attendance.

      • Student Advisors appointment to a committee will be assigned by the Board Chair.

      • Student Advisors access to confidential materials is prohibited by State Law.

      • Student Advisors although in attendance do not count toward determining whether a quorum exists.

      • Student Advisors may not make or second motions but may vote and it will be recorded but not counted in the total Board vote.

      • Student Advisors attendance in executive sessions is prohibited by State Law.

First Reading: 04/16/2008

Second Reading: 05/21/2008

First Reading: 04/14/2010

Second Reading: 05/18/2010

Reviewed: 05/13/2013

First Reading: 05/15/2013

Second Reading: 06/19/2013