Board Meeting


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Reorganization shall be effected at the closure of the first regular meeting of the Board in July. At this meeting, there shall be an election for the ensuing year of a Chair and a Vice Chair. The votes shall be tallied with all Directors’ votes being given equal weight. In the event of a tie vote for either of the above officers, the tie shall be broken by tallying weighted votes. The former Chair or Vice Chair shall conduct business until the new leadership is elected. In the event that no one is nominated or voted upon, the most senior member present will serve as Chair pro tem. The Chair and Vice Chair shall serve until the next annual organizational meeting, at the pleasure of the Board. Notice of intent to remove the seated chair or vice chair will require no less than a 10 day notice prior to the next regular school board meeting. The equivalent number of board members that were present during the election of the chair/vice chair must be present for the removal of the chair /vice chair.

The Board Chair shall appoint members of the Board to standing committees. Each committee shall elect its own Chair. The Board Chair shall appoint members of the Board to any temporary committees.

All committees shall be composed of less than the majority of the Board.

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA § 1251

Adopted: 08/17/2005