Board Responsibilities

Maine School Administrative District #31


No one person or group of persons acts in the name of the Board. When an item of business comes before them in the form of a motion, it is necessary that a majority vote in favor of the motion before any action can be taken.

The school board shall concern itself primarily with broad questions of policy rather than with administrative details. The application of policies is an administrative task to be performed by the superintendent and his/her staff, who shall be held responsible for the effective administration and supervision of the entire school system.

The Board has complete and final control over local school matters subject only to limitation imposed by state law, regulations of the State Board of Education, and, of course, the will of local residents as expressed in district elections.

The areas of Board action include:

1. Exercising educational leadership and drafting policies for the operation of the local school system.

2. Employing a Superintendent of Schools.

3. Authorizing the appointment of teachers and other staff members.

4. Determining educational standards and goals.

5. Developing curriculum.

6. Securing money for school operational needs and building programs, and authorizing specific expenditures.

7. Expressing and representing the views of the community in matters affecting


8. Interpreting the education program and needs to the community. To discharge these varied and necessary responsibilities the Board often calls on consultative resources available in the member communities and in the professional staff of the schools.

20-A MRSA §§ 1001-1003

1256 (5) and any other Significant changes to State or Federal Law

Adopted: 10/15/1997

Reviewed: 03/19/2008

First reading: 04/27/2016

Second reading 05/31/2016