Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Title: Superintendent of Schools


The Superintendent shall hold a superintendent's certificate as prescribed by the State of



General Responsibilities

The superintendent of schools is the chief executive officer of the school system

responsible to the Board of Directors to administer the school system within the policies

of the Board and the laws of the State of Maine. The superintendent plans, develops, and

directs the overall educational program to fulfill the educational needs of all pupils of the

District and to achieve the educational needs of all pupils of the District and to achieve

the educational objectives of the school system established by the Board of Directors.

He/she directs and is responsible for all activities of the school system.

Organizational Relationships

The superintendent reports to the Board of Directors. Every school system employee,

directly or indirectly, reports to the superintendent. The following positions report

directly to the superintendent:

Principal, Primary schools District Nurse

Principal, Middle School Building/Grounds Supervisor

Principal, High School Transportation Director

Director of Special Services Director of Food Services

Director of Adult Education Technology Coordinator

Central Office Staff

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

To be responsible for the long term forward planning of the education program and

operation of the school system in order to provide for the future educational needs of the


To develop and recommend educational and operating policies for consideration and

action by the Board of Directors; to advise the Board on policy matters as requested; and

To direct, administer, coordinate, and control, through the individual principals, the

education program, and the operations of all schools in the system.

To direct and administer the school system's staff development; the continued

development and coordination of curriculum; and the special education services.

To approve the selection and employment of all professional staff engaged by the

school system and to nominate them to the Board for election.

To approve and recommend to the Board the promotion, transfer, or dismissal of all

administrative and professional staff in the system. To report to the Board the case

of any professional employee whose service is unsatisfactory and to recommend

appropriate action.

To undertake a continuing and systematic evaluation of the performance and

development of all teachers throughout the school system.

To direct and administer the supporting business and plant services of the school

system in an efficient and economical manner, including: general business,

budgeting, accounting, and purchasing services; plant operation and maintenance; and

school cafeteria services.

To provide professional leadership in education throughout the school system; and

to study, keep informed of, and stimulate staff interest in new developments in

education thought and practice through visits to other school systems, attendance

at the educational conferences, and encouragement of educational innovation and

exploration by the staff.

To be responsible for the preparation of a recommended annual school budget to

meet the objectives of the education program; to present and interpret the

recommended budget to the Board of Directors and to administer the approved

budget efficiently and economically.

To be responsible for the overall direction and execution of the school system's public

information program designed to communicate objectives, needs, problems, and

accomplishments of the system to students, staff, parents, and the general public.

To attend and participate in all Board meetings, to keep the Board informed relative

to the

education program and school operations; to prepare the agenda for Board

meetings, consulting with the Board chairman and incorporating agenda requests

from Board members, staff members, and citizens; and to prepare reports of Board


To establish, with the approval of the Board, rules and regulations needed for the

direction and control of staff and students.

To see that all necessary records are kept and reports are made pertaining to pupils,

staff, and finances as required by the Board of Directors and the State Department of

Education; and to designate specific responsibility for such records and reports.

To assume such additional duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the

Board of Directors.

The superintendent may delegate to appropriate administrators and professional staff

the responsibility and authority to discharge appropriate duties and responsibilities

vested in him by the Board of Directors. However, the delegation of such duties does

not relieve the superintendent of the ultimate responsibility for all activities of the

school system.

First Reading: 02/18/1987

Adoption: 03/18/1987

Amended: 10/15/1997

Amended: 08/19/1998

Reviewed: 11/18/2009