Canceling of School or Early Dismissal

Maine School Administrative District #31


The Board authorizes the Superintendent to cancel or close school(s) for the day, delay opening, or dismiss school(s) early in the event of severe weather, hazardous travel conditions, or other emergencies which present threats to the safety of students and staff.

When school is closed for the day or dismissed early, all after-school and evening school-sponsored activities and community use of school facilities will be cancelled or postponed.

Notice of closing or cancellation shall be given to students and parents by means of media announcements or by other appropriate means. Such notice shall be given sufficiently in advance of the school session in order to avoid confusion and inconvenience.

When school is in session, it remains the responsibility of parents to decide whether or not their children shall attend school under the existing conditions.

Storm days lost in excess of the number provided for in the school year calendar will be made up by conducting classes on the weekend, rescheduling or shortening scheduled vacation periods or postponing the close of the school year, as determined by the Board.

If approved by the Board, the Superintendent may submit a plan to the Commissioner that would provide for a one-hour extension of the school day for up to 25 days in a school year. If approved by the Commissioner, five one-hour extensions would be counted as an additional school day. Extended days may be used only for the purpose of making up school days missed due to weather or other emergency closures.

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA §4801(F)

First Reading: 03/21/2018

Second Reading: 04/24/2018