Hazard Communication Program


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The Hazard Communication Program is developed to protect the health and safety of all employees of the Maine School Administrative District #31.

This program will assure that M.S.A.D. #31 will be in compliance with Chapter 22 Title 26 Maine Revised Statutes, annotated 1984, Public law Chapter 826, Chemical Substance Identification Law.

1. M.S.A.D. #31 will keep on hand and available for inspection all Material Safety Data Sheets (M.S.D.S.) for any substances

contained in this act.

a. The Material Safety Data Sheets will be kept as close to the job site as possible.

b. A copy of all M.S.D.S.'s in the district is located with each building principal.

c. The M.S.D.S. will be kept for twenty years.

d. The M.S.D.S. will be updated annually.

e. The M.S.D.S. will be available to all employees during regular working hours.

2. M.S.A.D. #31 will try and obtain all M.S.D.S. for any product or substances when purchased by the district.

a. Substances new to the district will have their M.S.D.S. reviewed before the substance can be put into any


b. All employees working with any new substance will be retained if needed.

3. The M.S.A.D. #31 school department will provide a training program over the M.S.D.S.'s and the handling and labeling of

hazardous materials. This training will be done upon initial employment.

A training program shall include:

a. Explanation of the Law

b. Review of M.S.A.D. #31's Hazard Communication Program

c. Review of all places where Hazard Chemicals or substances are present

d. M.S.D.S. usage and review

e. Labeling procedure

f. hazard types and detection

g. Safety equipment and protection

h. Emergency procedures

4. Documentation of attendance at the training session will be required and maintained in the personnel office.

5. Documentation of each training session will also be required and maintained in the personnel office.

6. Each chemical or substance which falls within the guidelines of Chapter 22 will be labeled properly. Labels shall

include all the following:

a. Name of contents (M.S.D.S. name)

b. Concentration

c. Manufacturer

d. Date/Expiration Date

e. Hazard

7. Any container not properly labeled will not be allowed in the workplace until it is properly labeled.

8. Any employee of M.S.A.D. #31 who will be exposed to Hazardous Chemicals or substances will be given a copy of the

Maine Law, a list of all chemicals and substances they will be exposed to at M.S.A.D. #31, and a copy of this policy.

9. M.S.A.D. #31 will require that all outside contractors inform the district of any hazardous chemicals or substances they

will be using. M.S.A.D. #31 will inform the contractors of the Hazardous materials they may be exposed to while

performing work for the district.

First Reading: 11/20/1991

Adoption: 12/18/1991

Reviewed: 11/19/1997