Special Use of School Buses

Maine School Administrative District #31


All students of the District who participate in school activities under the direct supervision of authorized school personnel are entitled to equal transportation privileges.

All student activities/field trip requests shall be made in writing by the staff member involved, recommended by the principal, and forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools for action. Such a request must be made at least two weeks in advance on the proper form. When approved, bus and driver shall be assigned.

On any occasion when school transportation is being provided for school activities, the expectation is all students shall be transported to and from the activity.

Students may be privately transported by a designated adult from an away activity only after parent/guardian has personally notified the authorized school personnel in charge of the activity, and signed an appropriate release.

Updated: 03/19/2008

First Reading: 12/16/2015

Second Reading: 01//20/2016