Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


M.S.A.D. #31 will have one video camera that can be installed in a box in each bus for the purpose of video taping any school bus trip.

The cameras will help us insure each student will have a safe and hassle free ride to and from school.

The video camera will be located in the bus so as to encompass the entire bus either from the front or from the back.

The bus driver at times will not know if the camera is in the box and if they do, will not tell the students they are being taped.

There will be a sign in each bus that will read "Warning you may currently be under video surveillance".

It may take some time to view the tapes but when they are viewed, they may be used for discipline if there is an incident on the tape, even if some time has passed. Discipline may be a warning or a suspension or even expulsion if the incident was serious enough.

The tapes with an incident may be dept for one (1) school year, the same as bus conduct reports.

The tapes may be viewed by parents of the students involved or any school official which the Superintendent feels should see a certain incident. The tapes may also be used for training or discipline of the bus drivers to improve our transportation of the students.

Cross Reference JRA Student Records

First Reading: 05/19/1993

Adoption: 06/16/1993

Reviewed: 11/19/1997

Updated: 03/19/2008