Confidentiality in the Hiring Process


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Maine state law strictly requires that all information relating to applicants for employment remain confidential. This applies to school board members, administrators, and secretarial staff by virtue of their positions. It also applies to other staff and members of the public whenever they are involved in a screening and/or interviewing committee assisting in the selection process.

Therefore, the following three components shall be included in procedures used to fill all positions:

1. Potential candidates shall be notified on the application form that the materials submitted may be disclosed to a screening and/or

interviewing committee which may include board members, administrators, staff, and members of the community. An individual

must sign the consent form in order to be considered an applicant.

2. Any screening and/or interviewing committee is to receive a thorough orientation on the strict responsibility to maintain

confidentiality pursuant to state law.

3. Each individual, prior to serving as a screening and/or interviewing committee members, shall sign a standard form acknowledging

that he/she understands and intends to honor the strict requirement to maintain confidentiality regarding applicant information.

Such forms shall be retained on file in Superintendent's Office.

Legal Reference: Title 20A MRS, Section 6101.2, B.

First Reading: 08/17/1994

Adoption: 09/21/1994

Reviewed: 07/15/1998

Reviewed: 08/18/2010