Supervision of Professional Staff


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Principals and other administrative personnel shall be committed to the task of supervision to the end that instructional staff members may develop their teaching abilities to the optimum degree. Supervision of staff shall be an on-going (year-to-year) process that is based on the “Indicators of Teacher Effectiveness”.

The purpose of supervision shall be to help the teacher analyze and improve instructional techniques and effectiveness, as well as to provide a measure of competency relative to employment.

Principals shall be charged with the direct supervision of the teachers in their building, and shall provide assistance and educational leadership to their staff. Principals may, as circumstances dictate, supervise staff at building levels other than their own.

Professional ethics shall be followed by all administrators as it pertains to the supervision of teachers, observation in classrooms, and the filing of supervisory reports.

First Reading: 11/16/1988

Adoption: 12/21/1988

Revised: 09/20/2006