Athletic Policy for M.S.A.D. #31


Maine School Administrative District No. 31



To serve as guide for the promotion of athletic programs for the Penobscot Valley High School and Hichborn Middle School, by aiding in planning, directing, and controlling all athletic activities.

Physical Examination – Athletes

A sports physical by the school physician will be required every other year for every pupil participating in interscholastic athletic programs. This examination may be done by the family physician at the discretion of the parents but the record of this examination shall be placed on file in the school health records. Serious injuries during a season or between seasons may require a doctor's release for participation in Athletic programs.

Student Insurance

Low cost insurance for health and accidents is made available through the school for the student. Athletes are required to have health and accident protection of some type in order to participate in competitive programs. Parents of athletes may sign a waiver for purchasing school insurance if they feel their insurance programs provide adequate protection.

First Reading: 05/19/1993

Adoption: 06/16/1993

Updated: 05/21/2008