Early Exit from High School


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The M.S.A.D. #31 Board of Directors and educational community believe that all students should attend high school for four years in order to experience the social and personal growth that accompanies participation in school life, especially that which occurs in one's Senior year. However, recognizing that some students may benefit from attendance at a post-secondary institution before four years of high school have elapsed, the following policy will apply.

Students may be eligible for early exit from high school if they have (1) developed a written plan with the Guidance Director, (2) completed Grade 11, (3) have completed all PVHS graduation requirements. When a student has met all the eligibility requirements he/she will file his/her request for early exit from high school with the Principal for approval. The Board shall be kept informed of all approved requests.

The student approved for early exit may request to participate in Class Night, Graduation Exercises, and Project Graduation. This request must be filed with the Principal by the end of the first semester of Grade 11. Final approval will be determined by the Principal, after consulting with the Guidance Director, Assistant Principal, and Class Advisor(s).

First Reading: 11/15/1989

Adoption: 12/20/1989

Amended: 10/14/1992

Amended: 02/14/1996

Amended: 05/21/1997

Reviewed: 11/18/2009