Evaluation of Instructional Programs


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The evaluation of the instructional program shall be a major responsibility of the Superintendent and his/her staff with periodic reports being presented to the Board to enable judgments to be made on the success of the program. No instructional program should be considered as the final answer, and all school programs shall be under continuous study by the staff. It should be borne in mind that instruction is the primary responsibility of the schools, and all other activities are merely subsidiary. This being the case, the evaluation of the instructional program shall be done with great care and the Board kept informed at all times.

Moreover, the Superintendent is expected to lead the staff, community, and Board in the development and on-going review of Board-adopted criteria and standards by which to measure the results of the instructional program.

Cross Reference: IGA - Curriculum Development and Adoption

First Reading: 03/17/2004

Adopted: 04/14/2004