Extended School Year Services


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


It is the policy of M.S.A.D. #31 to provide extended school year services during the summer months when ordered by the student's Pupil Evaluation Team (PET) and set forth in his/her Individual Education Program (IEP).

In making its determination about whether to provide extended school year services, the PET shall make an individualized assessment of whether the student is at risk of losing skills previously mastered and of being unable to recoup those skills in a reasonable time. In particular, the PET shall reasonably calculate whether the child will experience severe or substantial regression during the summer months in the absence of a summer program. In those cases where the benefits accrued to the child during the regular school year will be significantly jeopardized if the student is not provided with a summer program, the PET should order the program.

Determinations about whether a student requires extended year services should draw upon the evaluative data in the possession of the PET and may consider the following factors:

A. The nature and severity of the student's impairment;

B. Whether the student's IEP contains goals and objectives that are necessary to attain self-sufficiency and independence from

care givers;

C. Whether the student is failing or likely to fail to achieve IEP objectives due to an interruption in services;

D. The extent of regressive caused by an interruption in educational programming; and

E. The rate of recoupment following an interruption of services.

The PET may make determinations on extended year programs based upon empirical data of actual regression and recoupment problems or upon reasonable calculations that such problems are likely given the child's unique needs.


First reading: 02/10/1999

Adopted: 03/17/1999

Updated: 05/21/2008