Foreign Exchange Students


Maine School Administrative District No. 31



A foreign exchange student is a high school aged youth from a foreign country who spends a specified amount of time living in the United States with a host family under the sponsorship of an organized and registered exchange program for the purpose of experiencing the American "way of life".


1. A maximum of two foreign exchange students will be accepted per year and it is recommended that the students be from different

countries. It is expected that the student(s) will be able to function in an English-speaking environment without the need for

additional resources. Applications, available at the Principal's Office, must include a copy of medical records, appropriate visa

materials, verification of health and accident insurance coverage, and a transcript translated into English. All completed applications with the appropriate information must be submitted by June 15th to the Principal for approval.

2. Foreign exchange students will be enrolled appropriately as members of the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior class.

3. If a student has completed three or more years of high school and he/she provides the necessary transcripts and other essential

documentation, the student may be placed in the senior class if a formal request is submitted to the principal at the time of

registration. If the request is approved, the student must earn a passing grade in all classes for each semester and abide by the

guidelines established for both attendance and graduation in order to participate in graduation exercises (Class Night, Graduation,

and Project Graduation). In lieu of a PVHS diploma, an "honorary" diploma will be awarded.

4. Foreign exchange students will be eligible for extra-curricular activities for the first quarter if approved by the administration

following examination of the student's transcript and the processing of the necessary paperwork filed by the student. Eligibility for

the remaining three quarters will be based on PVHS guidelines for all students.

5. Foreign exchange students must carry a minimum of six credits or the equivalent each semester.

6. It is expected that foreign exchange students will demonstrate their best effort in all academic classes and extra-curricular

activities. Teacher expectations of an exchange student's performance should meet the needs of the individual learner.

7. Foreign exchange students will be graded for their course work with modifications if necessary. A transcript will be developed

indicating courses, grades, attendance, extra-curricular activities. The student may request a written recommendation from the

administration, guidance, or a teacher to accompany the transcript.

First Reading: 04/16/1997

Adoption: 05/21/1997

Updated: 05/21/2008