High School Credit for Pre-High School Students


Maine School Administration District No. 31


Students of M.S.A.D. #31 are to be offered a varied academic program which attempts to meet their intellectual and developmental needs. Students should have the opportunity to pursue the most challenging and rigorous courses for which their interests and capabilities qualify them. In order to encourage such study, when appropriate, students below grade nine may take high school level courses at Penobscot Valley High School.

Students who have not reached grade nine may be considered for enrollment in high school level courses at PVHS provided all the following requirements are met:

1. The student successfully completes placement testing approved by the high school administration.

2. The teacher in the chosen academic area makes a recommendation to the middle school principal based upon placement testing,

classroom observation, evaluation of student work and emotional and intellectual maturity.

3. The middle school principal matches the student’s schedule to the PVHS schedule so as not to interfere with the remainder of the

student’s educational program.

4. The high school principal approves the recommendation if class size at PVHS does not exceed a level which would prohibit the

teacher from meeting the needs of individual students.

Students who successfully complete the high school course requirements shall be allowed to move to the next level in that subject area.

First Reading: 02/15/2006

Second Reading: 03/15/2006