Attendance Policy


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


M.S.A.D. #31 views student attendance as one of the most critical of all student responsibilities. Having regular attendance in school promotes positive academic achievement. It also points out to college officials and prospective employers the fact that a student is responsible and can be faithfully counted on in post-graduation experiences. Maine state statutes also dictate that students must attend school regularly. In order to give student attendance in school its proper place as an integral part of the overall program, the following attendance policy is set forth:

Students must attend school every day, unless excused. The only acceptable excuses are as follows:

1. Personal Illness.

2. An appointment with a health professional that must be made during the regular school day; a court subpoena or personal court

appearance; driver's license appointments.

3. Observance of a recognized religious holiday when the observance is required during the regular school day.

4. A family emergency.

5. A planned absence for personal or educational purposes which has been approved.

First Reading: 11/14/1990

Adoption: 12/12/1990

Revision-First Reading: 11/17/1999

Adoption: 12/15/1999

Reviewed: 02/12/2003