Compulsory Attendance Regulations

Code: JEA-R

Maine School Administrative District No. 31



We recognize that regular school attendance is necessary for success in education and we are committed to the goal that every student should attend class every day. Promptness is also expected for all assigned or selected areas. Learning that is lost due to tardiness or absence can never be replaced.

Attendance Requirements

1. Students are expected to be to class on time.

2. Students may accumulate no more than 10 unexcused absences in a school year (no more than 5 green, or 5 white). Absences

beyond this may result in loss of credit in each course. This requirement also pertains to children who accumulate absences in any

Region III Program.

3. Students who lose credit due to attendance may appeal to the Attendance Committee for a waiver (waivers are for credit purposes

only). The appeal must be requested and held within two weeks of the date signed on the loss of credit notification. The

parent/guardian will be notified of the appeal.

4. Other attendance requirements will be addressed in the student handbook.

Attendance Procedures

1. Parents/Guardian is expected to notify the school prior to 8 A.M. on all absences that have not been approved in advance.

2. Attendance slips must be obtained and completed by the student, on their return to school, between 7:40 and 8:00 A.M.

3. Students who accumulate 3 white or 3 green unexcused tardies in their first period class, and any additional tardies that semester,

will be credited with an unexcused absence for period one. Students who have a study hall in their first period class will be given a


Perfect/Exemplary Attendance

Penobscot Valley High School will recognize students who have perfect attendance, as well as exemplary attendance.

1. Perfect Attendance is defined as being in attendance at school for all classes unless a school sponsored activity.

A certificate will be given to each student who qualifies and it will be noted on the student’s permanent record.

2. Exemplary Attendance is defined by being absent not more than 2 days (no more than 1 white and 1 green) per school year.

A certificate will be given to each student who qualifies and noted on the students permanent record.

Make-Up Work

When a student is absent, make up work will be accomplished on the next color day of the day missed. Under extenuating circumstances, the teacher may give additional time. It is the responsibility of the students for getting their assignments from their respective teachers on the day of return. At the end of the quarter, any incompletes must be made-up within two weeks.

First Reading: 11/19/2008

Second Reading: 12/17/2008