Physical Restraint


Maine Administrative District No. 31


District employees may use physical restraint on students who present an immediate threat of physical harm to themselves or others. Restraint should not be used beyond the point necessary to prevent the student from harming him/herself or others, and should be applied in a caring manner if at all possible.

For a student who cannot be safely restrained in this fashion, school officials should attempt to ensure that other students are removed from the threat of harm and that the student does not have access to items that could be dangerous.

When the student is unable to be brought under control, school officials should contact the student’s parents for assistance and should contact the police if necessary to maintain a safe environment.

This policy can be modified in the case of students with identified disabilities through a determination by the student’s Pupil Evaluation Team.

Legal Reference: 20-A MRSA § 4009

First Reading: 01/24/2001

Adopted: 02/11/2004