Maine School Administrative District #31

Athletic and Co-Curricular Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements

Hichborn Middle School and Penobscot Valley High School students are eligible for athletics and co-curricular classes by maintaining a passing grade for their required number of courses. All Hichborn students must maintain a passing grade in all assigned courses. All Penobscot Valley students must maintain a registration of at least six classes every ranking period throughout the year, and must pass all six classes. Classes with labs count as one class.

School/Community Service credit does not count in the above minimum course-load. Online coursework (such as PLATO or other correspondent courses) that covers courses currently available at PVHS does not count towards the minimum course-load, however, they may be counted if the student has already failed the course is retaking the class online as remediation. Approved online courses will count towards the course-load minimum if the course-work is at the AP or college level, or if the needed class does not fit into the student’s schedule. PLATO courses will count towards the course-load minimum only if the student has already failed the PLATO subject in the regular classroom. Any class/course/service that does not count towards the minimum course-load will not be counted towards the eligibility requirement.

All students must meet these course-load requirements in the ranking quarter before the start of the sport in which they wish to participate. Semester-end exams and semester final grades do not count towards the eligibility requirements. In addition, Students must meet PVHS attendance requirements, complete all necessary athletic paperwork, and meet all eligibility requirements of the Maine Principals’ Association.

School Attendance

In order to participate in any activity students are expected to attend a full day of school the day of the activity.

An athlete shall not participate or attend athletics on the day he/she has been absent from any class due to illness or without just reason. Students who have scheduled appointments, (i.e. doctor, dentist, college interview, etc.) must notify the school of the absence at least one day in advance in order to be able to participate that day. Official notes will be expected as verification. These notes will be given to the Athletic Director and must be received before the student can participate in any athletic activity the day of the absence.

An official note means a note from the office of the scheduled appointment and cannot be from a parent or guardian. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the note; the school will not seek out official notes.

Commitment to Athletics

Once a student has made an athletic team at PVHS, he/she is considered to be a student/athlete and continues this status throughout his/hers high school career. The student/athlete must adhere to the following:

    1. Serve as a role model to other high school students and to the younger student/athletes in the community.

    2. Conform to a higher standard of behavior in the classroom, around school, and around the community.

    3. During athletic contests, display good sportsmanship and respect at all times toward opponents, officials, coaches, and fans.

    4. Refrain from acts that are illegal. If the student/athlete is charged by law enforcement officials for any activity that is illegal, is found in possession, use, furnishing, or selling of tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol, for possession of drug paraphernalia, or is found to have been present for any amount of time at gatherings where alcohol or drugs are being used, the following consequence will result:

The student shall be ineligible to participate in any athletic or co-curricular activity for the remainder of the current activity period, or 30 calendar days, whichever is greater. This disciplinary consequence applies whether or not the violation occurs at school or at a school-sponsored activity.

The fall activity period begins on the first scheduled Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) practice and ends on the MPA closing date for fall activities. The winter activity period begins on the same date the fall activity period ends and ends on the MPA closing date for winter activities. The spring activity period begins on the same date the winter activity period ends and ends on the last date of SAD 31’s spring activities.

Any student participating in any co-curricular activities will be considered a participant until after his/her last competition. Should the prior season and the starting date of the following activity period overlap, the student will be considered a participant in both seasons, and appropriate discipline will be administered. If an infraction occurs after the participant’s last competition, the participant will receive his/her award(s) but shall not be allowed to participate in an awards ceremony. See School Board Policy JICH

    1. Be present the entire day of school according to the attendance guidelines.

    2. Abide by all the guidelines established by the coach and/or printed in the Student/Parent Handbook.




Interscholastic sports are available to all boys and girls. These may include, but are not limited to, wrestling, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, and cheerleading. Intramural sports are also available. After-school sessions with teachers have priority over practices or games. Students participating in interscholastic sports or intramural sports with teams that compete against other schools are subject to the following eligibility rules:

    1. Middle school players cannot be failing any subject at the end of the ranking period preceding the sport season. If a student is ineligible at the start of a sport season, he/she is ineligible for the entire season. Middle school players cannot receive an R in Work Habits/Social Behavior in any subject.

    2. If a student is ineligible at the start of a sport season, he/she is ineligible for the entire season.

    3. During the season, academic eligibility will be checked by teachers/coaches every 2 weeks. If a student is failing a course, the athlete shall be ineligible to participate (athletically suspended) until he or she brings the grade up to a passing grade. If the athlete does not bring the grade up within 2 weeks, he or she shall be ineligible for the remainder of the season. If at the end of the quarter a student is failing a class that student is ineligible to play the next sport.

    4. Any middle school student who fails a subject during the fourth ranking period will be subject to the preceding rule for the first ranking period of the following year.

    5. The policy for athletic eligibility for 8th grade for 4th quarter should be at least the same as it is for the high school for fall eligibility.

    6. All students who participate in interscholastic must have school health insurance or proof of health insurance.

    7. All athletes must attend all scheduled practices. Exceptions to this rule are as follows: doctor appointments, sickness, funerals, or other athletic director/principal approved reasons.

    8. The student athlete must wear proper sport attire for both practices and games.

    9. Students must be present at school on the day of the game/meet to participate unless excused for valid reasons. This determination shall be made by the athletic director/principal.

    10. An athlete will be suspended from sports activities if it becomes known that he/she has been using drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.

    11. All athletes must conduct themselves in such a manner as to be a credit to themselves, the team, the school, and the school district. Conduct unbecoming an athlete will be grounds for dismissal from the sport. If a student athlete incurs a detention for a level one infraction or a higher infraction, the athletic director shall be notified and the student will be ineligible to participate in practices or games in that sport until the day after the detention has been served.

    12. All students shall be transported to and from an activity when school transportation is being provided. A parent/guardian may transport his/her child home from an away game after gaining permission from and signing a release provided by the coach. A designated adult may transport another student home after the other student’s parent/guardian has personally notified school personnel and signed an appropriate release. This must be done 24 hours prior to the activity.

    13. All students participating in athletics must have a current physical examination prior to trying out, going to practices, and continued participation. Each physical examination is valid for a two-year time frame. Proof of such examination needs to be given to the office.

First Reading: 09/28/2017

Second Reading: 10/18/2017