Advertising/Marketing in the School


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


In order to avoid the exploitation of its students and employees, and to discourage the impression that it has endorsed a particular product, service, or viewpoint, the M.S.A.D. #31 School swill abide by the following policy regarding advertising in the schools:

The Superintendent is cautioned to use his/her best judgment in deciding whether any exceptions have a true educational value.

The following practices and procedures in the operation of the schools are approved:

1. The schools are free to use local and out of town speakers to make addresses at the time of school assembly or classroom

meetings when such speakers will help in developing the education program.

2. Instructional aids provided by certain commercial agencies may be used. Many fine films and aids contain no advertising

materials other than the name of the corporation producing them. No such materials may contain slogans, ads, lists of

products, or in any way urge the user to purchase their products or services.

3. Each schoolroom is permitted to use calendars that may be furnished by business firms.

4. All contracts with commercial enterprises, providers, media, and non-school sponsored events must have prior written

approval of the Superintendent and meet the criteria established by the Board in this policy. Contracts with vendors of

school-related products (including, but not limited to: class rings, graduation gown, class photographs, facility rental, books)

must be approved by the Superintendent after having been procured on a competitive basis.

5. Schools may cooperate, at the discretion of the Principal, in announcing the work of non-profit local community services or

program, provided such announcement does not involve the solicitation or collection of monies, or impair the educational time

or program of the schools. An area in each school will be designated for the purpose of displaying such notices and/or

announcements. All such announcements must emanate from the Principal's office.

6. Limited advertising on extracurricular activity schedules, programs, bulletin boards, and scoreboards may be accepted by the

Principal, with the approval of the Superintendent. Advertising is limited to simple mention of the sponsor's name and/or logo.

The following practices and procedures are prohibited:

1. Schools will not accept products, services, or advertisements that are biased in regard to sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, or

political viewpoints.

2. No person shall advertise, promote, or attempt to sell any article, investment, insurance, or other business proposition to any

pupil or employee of the District during school or office hours. This prohibition shall not apply to employees of the District

whose duties involve the purchase of goods or services for school use, nor shall it apply to members of textbook or curriculum


3. No lists of student or faculty names and addresses shall be released to non-school, non-governmental agencies; except as may

be required by law.

4. Acceptance of gifts is prohibited if ad content overshadows the utility of the gift itself.

5. School facilities shall not be used, rented, or leased during the instructional day for any program in which a profit-making

business may advertise or sell goods or services directly to students.

First Reading: 10/13/1993

Adoption: 11/17/1993