Community Use of School Facilities


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Use of School Facilities

It is the intention of the Board that the M.S.A.D. #31 facilities be made available and utilized to the fullest extent. The use of school facilities by community groups for worthwhile educational and other civic purposes shall be permitted and encouraged when such use will not interfere with the school programs or the activities of school-sponsored organizations.

School-sponsored activities will have first consideration in the use of any school facility. Local, non-school organizations may use school facilities when available. Any added expenses incurred for custodial services will be paid by the organization unless otherwise decided by the Superintendent.

Approval of Use

The Superintendent/designee is authorized to approve and schedule the use of school facilities by non-school groups. Non-school organizations wishing to use school facilities should make arrangements at least two weeks in advance. Scheduling will be made through the principal's office in the building being requested.


The Superintendent shall establish such other regulations and procedures as will ensure protection and maintenance of school facilities and will manage building use through the M.S.A.D. #31 Facilities Request Form.

Certificates of Insurance will be required in most cases when the M.S.A.D. #31's liability is increased due to the use of the facilities.

Organizations that are not classified as non-profit may use the facilities ONLY if the use of the building does not generate a profit.

Legal Reference: TITLE 20A MRSA SEC. 1001

First Reading: 08/21/1996

Adoption: 09/18/1996

Reviewed: 09/16/1998

Reviewed: 08/18/2010