Media Relations


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


Because the school system is a public institution endeavoring to serve the educational needs of the community, it is important that information be disseminated concerning activities and problems in our schools. In order that this publicity be given wide coverage and be coordinated into a common effort and purpose, the following procedures shall be followed in giving official information to the news media:

A. The Board President (Chair) shall be the official spokesperson for the Board, except as this duty is delegated to the


B. News releases which are of a system-wide nature or pertain to established policy are the responsibility of the Superintendent

or a member of the administrative staff whom he/she may designate.

C. News releases which are of concern to only one school, or to an organization of one school, are the responsibility of the

Principal of that particular school. All statements made to the press by other staff members of the particular school must

be cleared with the Principal and Superintendent.

While it is impossible to predict how news releases will be treated by the press, every possible effort should be made to obtain coverage of school activities which will create and maintain a dignified and professionally responsible image for the school system.

First Reading: 03/19/2008

Second Reading: 05/21/2008