Military Recruitment


Maine School Administrative District No. 31


The Maine School Administrative District #31 Board of Directors recognizes the need for cooperation with representatives of the military services and school officials regarding students selecting the military as a career choice. It is the policy of the Maine School Administrative District #31 to allow the military services the same opportunity in meeting with secondary school students as other prospective student employers such as college recruiters and business/industry representatives. The procedures for the military to visit the secondary school are as follows:

General Policy

1. Access to Students in the School Building During School Time:

a. Military recruiters may meet with students for the purposes of disseminating information and addressing the military as a

career choice.

2. Administration of Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery Test:

a. Military recruiters may administer the ASVAB test through a pre-arranged schedule developed by the military and

guidance/principal's office.

3. Release of Lists of Students' Names and Addresses:

a. The releasing of student names and addresses shall be governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Names are

not to be released en masse to the military services, colleges, universities, business/industry, or other individuals or

agencies. Release of this information may occur only with the student and parent/legal guardian approval.

First Reading: 12/19/1984

Adoption: 01/16/1985

Reviewed 09/13/2010