Staff List

The following is a list of staff members for PVHS. You can contact a staff member by emailing in this format: For example, to email John Doe, you would email

Alexandria Mooney - ELA

Kerwin Whitney - Math

Racheal Gagnon - History/Social Studies

John Simone - Science

Eileen Yardley - Science

Aleyne Brown - Fine Arts

Richard Lindsay - PE/Health

Barbara Worster - Special Services

Kim Whitten - Special Services

Terry Cummings - Food Services

Gerald Hutchinson - Athletic Director

Renee Batchelder - Guidance Secretary

Karen Carson - Special Services Secretary

Jean Thibodeau - IT

Carol Moon - PVHS Secretary

Lorie Merrithew - ELA

Ron Weatherbee - Math

Josh Hallsey - History/Social Studies

Lana Cummings - Science

Phalia McMoarn - Spanish

James Zabierek - Music

Lisa Woodward - Study Hall

Rene Lindsay - Special Services (Math&ELA)

Jim McCloskey - Special Services

Katie Glidden - Gifted & Talented

David Hussey - Head Custodian

Terry Mitchell - Guidance Counselor

Renee Reilly - Special Services Director

Gary Roberts - IT Director

Shane Yardley - Principal